En recensie voor Rootshighway Italië..

En zowaar een recensie voor het Italiaanse Rootshighway.it door Marco Restelli.. To conclude, in general, we have become accustomed (maybe even a little bored) to Christmas records conceived in the key of swing (Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart have made some real best sellers), but this handful of songs confirms that folk / country music is quite perfect to replace those classic orchestral sounds, full of strings, with the typical “tools” of the genre (mandolins, harmonicas in particular). The result is that the mood is still warm, but the album captures a footprint less “seasonal”, not excluding any listening during other times of the year.
That’s what I would surely do.
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Het origineel in het Italiaans vindt u hier.. Rootshighway.it Review of the Day!

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